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Firuz Vatandost Education Charity

General Information About the Scholarships

Firuz Vatandost Education Charity provides scholarships to successful and permanent students, but lacking financial means, in parallel with the continuity of their success in their education life.

Scholarships are given for 9 months, taking into account the needs of undergraduate students studying at state universities in Istanbul and showing outstanding achievement.

Who do we give scholarships to?

The FIVEV scholarship is given to successful students who have received at least a base score determined by our board of directors, settled in state universities in Istanbul, adhere to Atatürk's principles and reforms, and need financial support based on their assets and income.

Scholarships are not given to primary and secondary school students, graduate students, students studying abroad, open education students, students who have received a disciplinary penalty due to an embarrassing act during their education, and students who receive scholarships from another public or private institution.

Scholarship duration and application deadlines

Our scholarships are valid for one academic year as a rule. Scholarship fee is paid for 8 months per academic year. Scholarship winners receive the first payment in December, effective as of October, and continue to be paid monthly in the following months. Scholarships are paid for 8 months from October to May.

If a different date is not announced on our website, the application date for the scholarship is 01-30 September. Applications are made online through our website. Scholarship results are announced on our website in November at the latest.

Scholarship repayment and scholarship cancellation

Firuz Vatandost Education Charity scholarships are non-refundable and do not impose any repayment or service obligations. However, after graduation, every FIVEV scholarship holder who completes his education has a conscientious obligation to give scholarships to at least one Turkish youth through FIVEV, to contribute materially or morally to FIVEV, to take part in social responsibility projects voluntarily within the scope of social responsibility. accepts as.

Scholarships for students who do not submit the information and documents requested by the Foundation Management on time, fail, fail to pass their class, receive disciplinary punishment, engage in political activities incompatible with studentship, terminate their relationship with the school, or are found to have received a scholarship from another institution, are terminated.

Scholarship Application

If you meet the requirements for the education scholarships given regularly by the Firuz Vatandost Education Charity, you can contact us by filling out the application form in the link below.

When the application dates are determined, they will be announced on our website and social media accounts. Applications submitted outside the application period will not be considered.

You can continue your scholarship application by filling out the form at this link. Do not forget to send the requested documents to us as soon as possible after the application.

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